More Than 1 Million Games Created On Mobile Gaming Platform Struckd

More Than 1 Million Games Created On Mobile Gaming Platform Struckd

Monday, March 29, 2021

With a new title being created every two minutes, theSwiss platform surpasses seven figures ofuser-generated games.

March – Zürich | The mobile gaming platform Struckd, currently available on Android and iOS across the globe, has surpassed the 1 million mark of games created via its game creation tool. The platform allows users to create, share and play games on their phone and has counted more than 6 million players to date, creating a new title every two minutes on average.

The portfolio of games created on Struckd ranges from racing and role-play games to complex multiplayer titles – the most popular ones reaching over 1 million active users.

More than 1 million games created is an impressive testimony for both our platform and our creative community across the globe. So far, we have only grown organically without any money spent on marketing. To us, that is a sign that people are actively searching for an easily accessible tool to create games on their phone,” says Daniel Reichert, CEO of Struckd. Reichert recently joined the company, after departing the leadership team of Berlin-based Kolibri Games (Idle Miner Tycoon).

Struckd is run fully remotely by an international team spanning multiple continents and time zones. Together, the team is on a mission to revolutionize and democratize mobile game development.

About Struckd

Struckd was founded in 2016 by Flurin Jenal and Silvan Bauser. Focusing on their vision to democratize game creation, the team built the first and biggest mobile game building platform to date.

Under their signature slogan “create, share and play” the platform now features a repertoire of over one million games and an elaborate and easy-to-use creation tool that allows anyone with a smartphone to create their own titles.

Although the team operates fully remotely, the Struckd HQ is located in Zurich,Switzerland. In 2021, the team opened a second office in Berlin, Germany.

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