Venture Investment Portfolio

Since 2018, Swiss Startup Capital invests in scalable tech ventures with a great idea, disruptive technologies and a driven team. We like to think of ourselves as truffle hogs, constantly on the hunt for the most promising startups in Switzerland and the world.


Gilytics commercialises a software that helps energy and engineering companies finding the best route for powerlines and other linear infrastructure in seconds instead of months, saving time and money with better data, visuals and communication.

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Growcer AG is a start-up company from Basel, Switzerland, focused on the development of automated vertical farms in urban areas. The company was founded in 2019 and uses state-of-the-art technology to grow sustainable produce at affordable prices and using short transportation routes.

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turicode’s software MINT.extract helps companies and their employees to digitize document-heavy business processes. Founded in 2016, the Winterthur-based tech startup has developed a novel software technology that reads and understands documents such as PDFs, scans or emails – the same way a human would.

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Planted makes 'meat'​ entirely from plants - delicious, healthy, cruelty-free and sustainable. Planted meats taste and feels like animal meat, but is not butchered. Planted takes only the best raw materials from plants and creates that tasty, nutritious, high-protein and juicy planted that you’ll love. Loads of sunshine included.

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VIU Eyewear

VIU challenges the status quo for design, production and distribution, offering signature eyewear with a modern twist that is both authentic and timeless. VIU’s collections are designed in Switzerland under the direction of Creative Director Fabrice Aeberhard.

Visit the website develops patent-pending 3D eye tracking software for depth sensing cameras, allowing gaze tracking in 3D remotely, using consumer 3D cameras. Their innovative 3D eye tracking enables real-world interactions, capturing user attention, intention, and interest.

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1Drop Diagnostics

1Drop’s goal is to improve patient lives by enabling personalized healthcare through non-invasive diagnostic tests providing actionable health information that is accessible to everyone at any time. 1Drop facilitates the early detection, prevention and management of disease and empowers people to live better lives.

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Piavita is a medtech start-up that aims revolutionizing the veterinary medicine. Thanks to state of the art sensor technologies our product, the Piavita-System, allows for easy and precise measurement of vital signs of horses - from anywhere and anytime.

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Mictic is a fast-growing startup dedicated to changing the way people interact with music. Their unique "body instrument" is the first wearable device allowing anyone to create music by moving their body.

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