The Power of the Platform

When we talk about the power of the platform, we mean the fireworks set off when talent pulls together; we mean the opportunities that arise when strategists meet innovators and pragmatists are faced with daredevils. We do not believe there is a secret to success, but that great business is built on shared knowledge, on a network of people working towards the same goal.

Swiss Startup Capital

The investment arm of the group offers access to venture capital investments, unlocking new opportunities in the early stage venture asset class. It features our own venture capital fund, an exclusive investor club and professional corporate venture capital services.

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Investors Club

The Investors Club is a powerful combination of our trusted advisory board members and some of the most renowned ultra-high net-worth individuals in Europe. Together, we set new standards in the selection process of early-stage venture investment opportunities. We negotiate the terms, structure the transactions and exercise due diligence to present the club with direct investment opportunities. The Investor Club consists of 23 members, four of whom are introduced here.

Urs Wietlisbach

Urs Wietlisbach co-founded Partners Group in 1996. He is a member of Partners Group Holding AG’s board of directors and chairman of the Markets Committee based in Zug. He has 28 years of industry experience.

Christian Wenger

Christian Wenger specializes in commercial and business law with a focus on private equity and venture capital. Amongst other initiatives, he founded Swiss Startup Invest and is a co-founder of digitalswitzerland, an initiative aiming to strengthen Switzerland's position as a leading innovation hub.

Christian Wildmoser

Chris is a private investor. Until end of 2016 he was a partner of CVC Capital Partners, the global private equity firm. Prior to joining CVC in 2000, Chris worked for almost 20 years in various positions in investment and commercial banking.

Hans-Peter Strebel

Dr. Hans-Peter Strebel is the creator and owner of the competence center for top athletics and interdiciplinary sports research „On your marks“ - OYM AG - based in Cham, Switzerland.

Swiss Startup Factory

As a company builder, Swiss Startup Factory grows ventures from an initial idea to their incorporation – and beyond. Its team of startup enthusiasts and technology experts accelerates the startup process, making visions come alive.

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Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners use our platform to gain access to innovation topics. They are involved in various projects with the Swiss Startup Factory, benefiting from the Factory’s extensive experience in the field and actively engaging in projects. This is a selection of some of the great companies we have worked with.

Strategic Investments

Our strategic investment portfolio is integral to the workings of our entire platform. It comprises companies whose services and products have revealed themselves to complement our own in fundamental ways. As a collective, we channel the power of the platform. Together, we achieve more.

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Group Investment Portfolio

The Group Investment Portfolio comprises investments that originate in our Swiss Startup Factory accelerator and company building programs. We recognized their potential when they were mere seeds; bold ideas held together by enthusiastic innovators. Since 2016, we have seen them grow successful and stir up the markets.

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Venture Investment Portfolio

Investor Club Portfolio

The Investors Club portfolio consists of direct investments done by our members. We negotiate the terms, structure the transactions and exercise due diligence to present the club with direct investment opportunities.

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Flagship Fund I Portfolio

The SSUG Flagship Fund I is dedicated to private and institutional investors who want to invest in early stage ventures through a diversified approach and on a discretionary basis. It invests in early stage startups with high growth potential in Switzerland, Europe, Israel and the US, especially those developing disruptive technologies with focus on scalable ICT business models.

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Advisory Board

Our group of top-level advisors contributes unique industry insights and deal opportunities, while also supporting our portfolio companies in accessing new commercial opportunities, investors or hires.

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David Allemann

David Allemann is the co-founder of On, the world’s fastest growing running shoe brand. He works at the intersection of business and creativity as managing director of Young & Rubicam, at McKinsey & Company and as CMO of Vitra. In 2019, he was elected "Switzerland’s Marketeer of the Year".

Jean Claude Biver

Jean Claude Biver is the non-executive president of the watch division at LVMH group and chairman of the board of Hublot. Over the last 35 years he has worked for Blancpain, Omega, Hublot and the LVMH group (TAG Heuer, Zenith) and has impacted the Swiss watch industry like no other.

Patrick Aebischer

Patrick Aebischer is the president emeritus of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He is the founder of three start-ups, a board member of Nestlé, Lonza and Logitech, chairman of the Novartis Venture Fund and a Senior Partner at NanoDimension-III.

Rico J. Baldegger

Prof. PhD Rico J. Baldegger is the headmaster of the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR), where he teaches Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He studied at the Universities of St. Gallen and Fribourg and is a serial entrepreneur who has created numerous companies.

Ecosystem Partners

Our ecosystem partners are companies whose services and products accompany our daily business and complement the workings of our platform. We partner up with them because we strongly believe in the quality of what they have to offer.

Academic Partners

We collaborate with numerous academic institutions in Switzerland, because we want to encourage and support entrepreneurial teaching. The goal is to leverage promising students and their bright ideas outside of their classrooms.

Industry Specialists

The Swiss Startup Group is industry agnostic – we are interested in all kinds of industries and technologies. This is where our specialists come into play. As absolute experts in their fields, they provide us with in-depth industry assessments and valuable insights. These are four of the over 70 specialists in our network.

Jeremy Tai Abbett

Jeremy is a designer, strategist and creative evangelist. His work focuses on the intersection of design, technology and popular culture to tap into the world’s most abundant resource: human potential.

Cornel Müller

Passion for people and their workspaces is what drives Cornel Müller. As founder of x28, Matchix and jobchannel he changes the way how companies find and retain their talent.

Otto Bitterli

With his past experience as CEO of Sanitas (14 years) Otto Bitterli knows the industry like no other. He supports companies on their digital journey through bi-digital and serves on the board of promising startups.

Daniela Marino

Holding a PhD from ETH Zürich for her study in vascular biology, stem cells, skin and pharmacology Daniela Marino is the expert in many areas of life science. As CEO of CUTTIS she personalizes skin grafts to treat skin defects.